"The thing that’s good is that we are all different, so every girl can relate to one or other of us." - Perrie Edwards

"I’m gonna say what I don’t like… What I don’t like in a boy is a mono-brow. Why is it there? Please… If you’ve got a mono-brow, get rid of it. It’s not attractive." - Jade Thirlwall

"This is how you make crisps. Get a bowl and there you have it!" - Jade Thirlwall

"Your insecurities are what make you different and make you who you are and if everyone looked the same it would be boring" - Jesy Nelson

"Right now I’m pouring my heart out and she’s pulling faces" - Perrie Edwards

"I don’t eat the crust ‘cos my hair is curly enough as it is" - Jade Thirlwall

"She eats, like, the world and never puts on any weight. I have to sniff a bit of chocolate cake and I put on a stone" - Jesy Nelson

"See, I like One Direction cause they’re really pretty, but I like a man" - Jade Thirlwall